Work break

It’s 3.46pm on a Tuesday and I can’t do any work right now. I have a project with deadlines that are painfully overdue and no clear sense of when the worst of it will be over. Or even whether this project will be completed on time. Well, I assume it will be completed on time because it has to be. There is no flexibility with the ultimate deadline for this one.

But it’s 3.46pm and after working solidly and soldiering on I have hit a wall of boredom. I need to find my way back into the pool of anxiety, because although that was horrible, at least it got me moving. I would prefer to be moved along by a wave of enthusiasm and motivation but I will settle for anxiety.

I just booked a flight for a long overdue overseas trip in a couple of weeks – right in the middle of this too-long project. It’s fun to book trips for the middle of projects. Part of my rationale was that nothing says “meet the deadline” like an international trip and two weeks away from my desk.

OK, feel ready to work again.


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