Christmas was great

I was pretty ambivalent about Christmas last week. But you know, in the scheme of things, it’s more fun than the average day.

I even found it really fun to have bought everyone presents. No one went overboard so instead of feeling appalled by consumerism, it just seemed nice that everyone was thinking of things to give each other.

It hailed and rained for most of the afternoon and evening, so the ideal patio Christmas at Jess’s new house was not fully realised. Eventually we had to concede and find a way for 20+ people to eat indoors. Which we did and it was fun. Kev made oyster shots with a bloody mary base – yes, delicious.

The only downside was that I was mean to MJ. I don’t really know why, but I was in a bit of a grump (just a general end-of-year weariness grump) and took it out on her. Hopefully she hasn’t taken it personally.

Christmas starts well. Santa attended. Champagne was served in pink glasses.

Silly picture through the window, but too funny not to share. A bunch of hyperactive kids stopped in their tracks by a very compelling TV show. I wonder was it was…

Then the hail started…

Which provided plenty of entertainment…

But then it started raining and didn’t stop for a long time.

Hava stuck inside…

And eventually it stopped.


One thought on “Christmas was great

  1. Lara

    Hi Fortch, I didn’t realise you were back writting on your blog.
    What totally crazy weather it was in Melbourne. I’ve had a few patients talking about their flood damage etc. Over in Portarlington we just got the light show – no rain. How weird. Hope the weather in Port Fairy is nicer.

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