Sugar, sugar, sugar, eggs

Like anyone who’s ever read anything about health, I am cutting out sugar. Yep, all sugar gone.

Yeaaaah right. It’s, like, virtually impossible. So I’m reducing sugar. At least I think I am, but all that sugar has taken it’s toll. Sometimes I don’t really know what I’m consuming.

However, I still like reading about why sugar is so goddamn awful. In a moment I will share you Jonah Lehrer’s take on it. But in brief, eat eggs for breakfast. (P.S. What’s New? Eggs!)

Why Sugar Makes Us Sleepy (And Protein Wakes Us Up)

Excerpts curated by Sarah.

Although we like to imagine ourselves as the driver – our consciousness is in full control – that belief is a lovely illusion. In reality, we are mere passengers aboard the body, strapped to a fleshy engine that is driving us.

Because we eat lots of refined sugars, washing down Twinkies with cans of Coke, we continually reduce levels of orexin in the brain, which then reduces levels of physical activity. In other words, we get fat and sleepy simultaneously.


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