Melbourne – City of Literature

You know Melbourne is a UNESCO city of literature right? That’s cool, but sometimes since Melbourne was thus declared a city of literature, I look around and see the same Melbourne that was always there. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Melbourne was plenty literary before the declaration. But you know, don’t expect to see people sitting on street corners writing novels (although that wouldn’t be totally unexpected).

Every year there is the Writer’s Festival and many, many other writing/reading events all year round. But all of a sudden, Melbourne has, for me, morphed into a city of literature! This shift in my perspective can be attributed almost entirely to four things.

1. Jonathan Franzen at the Writer’s Festival. AMAZING.

2. Jonathan Safran Foer is on his way

3. David Sedaris is on his way

AND…wait for it….


This reminds me of the great musical touring event of early 2008. Feist, Sufjan Stevens and Broken Social Scene were all in Melbourne around the same time. I, however, was not…


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