Winter Blues Busters

Last summer I read a blog post written by someone heading into Northern Hemisphere winter. She prepared a long list called Winter Blues Busters which I thought sounded positively sensible.

It’s since been removed from the author’s blog, so I won’t link to it, but it’s still sitting in my RSS feed so I will just be a bit sneaky and cut and paste the list (with a bit of editing to make it more Sarah).

Now that it’s the tale end of winter here, I’d better get on with it and make the most of the list.


Winter is for…

– Making the mundane tasks into projects (I’ve just printed up a bunch of lists and charts – life organisation 101)

Planning Thinking about a garden – ordering seed catalogues, planning a summer of vegetables and canning

– Getting to all those craft projects that get pushed to the side in the Summer

– Walking in wintery woods parks

– Lighting a wood fire and pouring a whisky tea

– Reading awesome books – downloading audiobooks for the kids

Discovering weird vintage dolls in your grandparents’ crawl space and calling them Lucy and Nancy

– Watching old and odd movies (we’ve been having a 1980s teen movie-a-thon — 16 Candles, Say Anything) (Woody Allen films – Interiors, Scenes from the Mall)

Collecting rocks

– Watching tv shows made in the UK (MisfitsDownton Abbey, old Black Books) US (30 Rock and Community)

Taking the kids on their first skating field trip – ever!

Potluck dinners with friends and neighbours

Wearing goofy fake glasses and banging out a first draft

– Trying new recipes

– Redesigning a blog

– Drinking lots of water

– Drinking coffee in cafes at my desk. Finding a favourite coffee stand, becoming a regular

– Talking endlessly about finally getting a dog/chickens/a potbellied pig

Munching on delicious crystalised ginger to help with sore throats (Illness-free winter so far!)

– Finding a good friend and making a habit (or at least a promise) of getting fit together  (yoga! walking! etc!)


One thought on “Winter Blues Busters

  1. Yvonne

    Yay! I’m glad Community found a way into your life. It’s definitely my current favorite.

    Are you meaning to say that this winter you are not naming (creepy) vintage dolls? For that, I’m glad.

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