Kitty Bang – the thinking person’s cabaret

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011 – first cab off the rank

The Big (Kitty) Bang Theory

Those pants! It’s worth going to see Kitty Bang just to witness the magic of the tightest, shiniest pants you might ever come across.

But also, as an aside, can I tell you about this show that is very, very fun for its high quota of sing-along 80s anthems and cabaret glamour that is somehow not at all cheesy – or maybe only cheesy in a good way (note: I have a low threshold for cheesy so can assure those people who have to think twice about cabaret that this might be the cabaret moment for you).

The thing that makes The Big (Kitty) Bang Theory really special is that it captures a slither of the inner Melbourne indie sensibility in a way that had me doing those “it’s funny because it’s true” laughs. But there was also that satisfying feeling that I assume is much harder to cultivate, that comes from intense recognition of a thought that you’ve never quite articulated. It feels a little bit like, “is Kitty Bang in my brain?” and a bit like “finally, someone has shone a spotlight on this madness”.

Live music (with probably the hottest pianist you’ll see at the Comedy Festival), jazzy lighting, and animation (probably the cutest animation you’ll see at the Comedy Festival) took a good premise and a really solid story and turned it into a most enjoyable cabaret show.

I came out of The Big (Kitty) Bang Theory feeling a bit sillier and a bit wiser – like a little sugar-coated pearl of wisdom that went down a treat.


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