Cafe Scheherazade

Was lucky enough to get two tickets for the almost-completely-sold-out Cafe Scheherazade at fortyfivedownstairs (which has since become the completely sold out Cafe Scheherazade).

The play is based on the book of the same name by Arnold Zable. Zable gathered stories from Polish Jewish emigres at the cafe of the same name in St Kilda.

In the play, old people retold their stories of fleeing Europe to a young journalist. It was about more than the stories though, it was also about personal history, memory, the passage of time (no matter how much you wish it would just stay still), and a reminder that there is no guarantee that hard work and being a good person and following the golden rule will protect you and others from the bad things the world can throw at you.

If they extend the season (and you are in Melbourne) I highly recommend it.

Update (12.4.2011): Return season announced for August-September 2011.


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