Friday night culture night

An accidental pattern is emerging on my Friday nights. Friday night has become culture night.

In the past four weeks I’ve seen two plays and one quasi-opera (the other Friday night was that crazy torrential rain day so I stayed home, but it was sufficiently dramatic).

So who am I to buck a natural trend? I hereby declare Friday night to be Culture Night with capital letters. If you live in Melbourne I will drag you into at least one of these FNCNs.

This is perfect for me because I’m not hugely into Friday night drinks that last for more than one or two glasses and sometimes I’d rather just go home. But Friday Night Culture Night means I do something grand to delineate between work week and weekend, and if its boring I can just have a good nap in a dimly lit room with comfy chairs.


One thought on “Friday night culture night

  1. Lara

    I’m back on line with internet a teeny bit faster than dial up speed. It’s the first time in a while I’ve had the chance to check your blog. You’ve been mighty busy. Life for Sarah Fortuna looks like fun!

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