Summer holidays

I haven’t got much to say today, I’m just pretty sure I needed to get back on the blog. I’m on holidays at the moment, in between finishing my old job and starting my new on in a couple of weeks time. I have plenty of time on my hands. I have plenty of things I could do to fill the time, but it’s the kind of stuff you can get away with not doing (Yes, I’m talking about you, cleaning out my wardrobe…) Time on my hands is nice and I seem to be very good at passing the days without much need for direction. I just wake up, see what happens, and then go to bed.

Clare is in town from Alice Springs, which has made for some good friend outings, including trips to Ocean Grove, trips to the movies, and trips out for food, food, and food. The city is quiet and lots of places are closed, so it’s nice to wander the empty streets until you finally find someone to feed you.

My old UNIFEM colleague from Aceh, Toni, just arrived in Melbourne to begin a two year Masters program. Within an hour of his arrival he gracefully allowed me to drag him around Melbourne for a while. He even insisted he wasn’t too tired, even though his plane was delayed by two days and flew to Melbourne via Singapore. So excited to have Toni in Melbourne for the next two years.

Tomorrow, Nikolas and Chiara are going to carve up the city and have some school holiday fun. I think it might be time to get my camera out of retirement.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Christmas, the week after Christmas and New Years Eve were all primo beemo! Had an amazingly relaxing and fun time. Just excellent!



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