The makings of a great day

Today was a truly excellent day. I was on my way to handing in the final piece of assessment for my Masters and I got a call offering me a really very exciting job. If you’ve been anywhere near me in the last two weeks you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Then, I was able to pull a bunch of excellent people together for impromptu celebratory drinks that turned into dumplings for dinner.

But wait, here is where it got amazing. Lara, Sebi and I had just said goodbye to Amy and were walking to our trains/trams to go home and a man jumped out in front of us and offered us free frozen yogurt! I love frozen yogurt! I love it so much that I’d already eaten some today. I learnt to love frozen yogurt in Bangkok, where the trade is fierce and the product delicious (my favourite was B.Naturale).

Melbourne doesn’t have a great frozen yogurt trade….until now.

Cacao Green
285 Swanston St – Melbourne
(Cnr Lonsdale & Swanston St)

Cacao Green on Facebook

This is GOOD frozen yogurt. I will eat it often.



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