Live cultures

I had a dream last night about “naturally occurring live cultures” in milk. These live cultures were scooped out of a vat of milk and were to be savoured, like freshly baked brownies or good, rich earth – wholesome and delicious. But the live cultures looked like giant maggots swimming in cream.

Truly disgusting and skin-crawl inducing.

When I was little I refused to drink the kind deliveries of fresh milk from our dairy farmer friends. It was way too real for me. One look at it and I would be transported to the inside of the udder of a cow: slimy and warm and gloopy. Ugh.

So why did my unconscious mind try to convince me that this was the most delightful treat? Mmmmm, fresh milk…with live cultures! It’s my lucky day.

Worst still, this is one of those dreams that has stayed with me longer than the average dream, which usually disappears around 10am. SEVEN HOURS since waking up and my skin is still crawling. Giant milky maggots are still flashing into my mind involuntary.

Why does my unconscious mind loath me so?

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