Sporting a new look

I had a haircut this evening. I love my hairdresser – he’s a bit of a hair whisperer and just chops away quietly. Looking for a hairdresser in Melbourne? I recommend James at Rhubarb Hair wholeheartedly.

Here’s a photo of my new fringe:

Just a little fringe and a funny little smile

Have you noticed something else different about me? That’s right, my blog is pink. Pink! With other lovely colours mixed in.

Earlier this week I posted a cover of the Paris Review from the 60s. V.Similar colours! I’d say that qualifies as a mood, or perhaps even a style.

I must point out, dear reader, that how I feel about this blog only counts for 95%. I also care what you think. So please, share your feelings – exuberant, ugly, ambivalent – whatever they may be. Share and cared for.


3 thoughts on “Sporting a new look

  1. DavidA

    Here is my analysis:

    The typeface of the blog title looks somewhat like it’s from a “missing persons” poster. “Have you seen this girl?” Your expression in the photo worries me slightly. The photo looks a bit like one of those given out to news media of aid workers who have been kidnapped by rebel groups. They will release you in exchange for giving publicity to their “Manifesto for the Liberation of the Oppressed Proletarian People’s Homeland of Freedomia.”

    I hope they release you soon, Sarah. Meanwhile, chin up, don’t lose heart and all that whatnot. It’s great that 21st-century rebel groups have on-site hairdressers.

  2. Alan

    Fringe is hot. Font is a little tabloid. Pink is also pretty hot – well, less hot and more girly, but probably more fitting than basic white. All in all, fashion win!

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