Nearing the Masters finish line

I’ve very nearly finished my Masters. You may recall my reporting on finishing classes about six weeks ago. Well now I’m finishing the last few assignments. Oh will you hurry up and finish already?! I want to play in the sun!

To help the last couple of days of an ethnographic report sail smoothly, I have rediscovered an old friend.


4 thoughts on “Nearing the Masters finish line

  1. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    It’ll be that risky Season 2 – no one will be quite sure if it’s going to work when half the characters have been killed off.

    But wait Kenny – you can raise the bar and have people saying things like, “I didn’t realise it could get any better…and it JUST DID!” (kind of like the OC in season 2…wait that was not good.)

    AND…the old cast members can come back for flashback episodes!

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Oh, allow me to share the magic Anonymous!

    1. Add a few teaspoons of Milo to a cup
    2. Add boiling water to about 3/4 full
    3. Add sweetened condensed milk – the amount you add is up for debate. If you order it at a Malaysian cafe then you can expect about 2-3 tablespoons. Goodness me, so delicious.

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