Many hats = many emails

We’ve all got multiple affiliations so I’m sure you will recognise yourself in this.

I currently have six email addresses – each of them is linked to a different organisation.

  • Unfortunately, only one of these email addresses is linked to paid work.
  • Two of them are linked to not-for-profit organisations.
  • Two of them are linked to universities – one is for students and one is for staff.
  • One is my personal gmail account, which is where I receive the mail for every other hat I wear.

Yesterday I functioned in four different capacities, running from one meeting to the next. So far today only three hats have been worn. Yesterday was such a fun day that I’m starting to think that more hats in any given day = more fun.

How many hats do you wear?


2 thoughts on “Many hats = many emails

  1. Kat

    I have, um, four emails I think, one personal, one uni staff, one for my blog and one for another website I help maintain, my student one is now defunct on account of being a slack PhDer. I channel 3 into one and always forget to reply from the correct email address, not that it matters terribly.

  2. Sushi

    I think I have roughly three or four hats, but one of them (my main hat) breaks into at least two or three subhats. Also, my hats exist in different countries and continents, which is why I’m writing this from the airport…

    I agree. Multi-hattedness is fun.

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