Weddings!!! (three exclamation marks for three weddings)

It’s wedding season at Camp Sarah. I love weddings. I less love wearing the same dull dresses because my student income doesn’t run to beautiful frou frou pink things that I wish I could wear – but I do love love love weddings.

Lucky for me by mid-October I will have attended three weddings in four weeks.

You’ve already seen photos from Eden’s amazing riverside wedding.

Now take a look at Maryum’s brother’s wedding – also riverside. With boats! A wedding with a boat = recipe for delighted Sarah.

Seriously, look at those dresses. I mean come on – it’s not even fair to wear something that beautiful.

Wedding number three is Robyn and Alex’s holiday spectacular this weekend! The wedding is in the country and we were invited to stay the night! Because we are very good friends who only want to make Robyn and Alex happy on their wedding day, we are obliging and turning it into a super weekend holiday! I actually can’t contain my excitement to get my bucolic vibe on.

So Robyn asked me to help with the music. OK I admit it, I am insanely flattered by this request. Turns out, this is also the most fun thing I’ve done in forever. Everywhere I go I have my ipod in one hand, furiously flicking through songs, and my phone in the other, jotting down notes about the virtues of certain songs or artists. But now, I must get back to it. There’s a wedding soundtrack to plan!

(P.S. Sorry for the dodgy unedited photos. I just figured out that the reason why I have so far failed to edit any photos on my new mac is that I don’t have any editing software – it took me about four failed attempts to realise)


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