Happy Eid

I was out in Broadmeadows for the Eid Festival yesterday, helping run a sausage sizzle with my friend. She’s involved with an organisation called Care With Me, which aims to increase awareness amongst migrant families of the need for foster carers. The very interesting statistic I heard numerous times yesterday is that two Muslim children are taken into state care every week in Victoria, but there are currently only five Muslim families registered as foster carers.

Obviously, you don’t need to share a religion with a child to care for them, but I can imagine kids would feel more comfortable in culturally and religiously familiar homes.

I’m telling you this story as background for a “Gosh, some people are odd” story. So, yesterday as I was selling sausages to a predominantly Muslim crowd at the biggest Eid Festival in Melbourne, a man approached the table.

Man: “Are these sausages Halal?”
Sarah: “I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that they are.”
Man: “Well assuming isn’t good enough! You need to make sure!”

I actually had to capture the attention of one of the organisers and ask them for confirmation that the sausages were Halal before he would agree to buy a sausage!


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