Library Roulette

My new favourite game is Library Roulette. If a book’s spine captures my attention, or I trip over a book that’s been left on the floor, I borrow it.

The first time I did it I found the most amazing Time by Eva Hoffman.

This time, I’m not sure it’s working in my favour. Today the roulette ball fell on Magda King’s A Guide To Heidegger’s Being and Timeedited by John Llewelyn.

I think it’s a good rule of thumb that any book with three different people credited in different ways on the cover is going to be a wee bit challenging. I’m still working on figuring out who wrote what and when they wrote it.

Spooky that it’s another book about time though right? Feel like I’m walking into a Donnie Darko-esque impenetrable plot line.


3 thoughts on “Library Roulette

  1. Josh

    “(Possibly Heidegger is Lucifer in person)” – Iris Murdoch. And “That stuff’ll give you spotty vision” – Barry Taylor, Melbourne Uni philosophy teacher when he caught me photocopying some of Being and Time

    BE WARNED!!!

  2. st333z

    nice idea Sarah… i used to buy all the pulitzer prize winners each year and read them. Then, a couple of years later they turn themselves into movies that i forget that i’ve read, then watch, and have some funny familiar sense that i’ve seen the movie before!

    i might try your angle from now on!

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