Goodnight Sunday

I just had a great Sunday. Slept in forever. Accidentally sent out a gajillion invites to LinkedIn (sorry if you got one – but feel free to accept it. Many others have.) Watched Sunday night TV with some housemates and some Thai takeaway.

Here was the Sunday view from desk. See my new balcony garden. Early days, but it’s green.

5 thoughts on “Goodnight Sunday

  1. Robyn

    Ms Fortuna I am so glad you had a lovely Sunday. Mine was absolutely shite. Just spent 15 hours (of a 14 hour shift) at work running around like crazy catering to nutters. Grrr. Maybe tomorrow will be better 🙂

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Ugh Rob. Your crazy shifts really don’t leave much room to reclaim the day before it’s time to go to bed.

  3. Jonathan

    I am procrastinating on this cold Sunday Miss Fortuna… I found your blog on my camera roll. Here I am enjoying it :). See how it works?

    Big 2 weeks ahead – Focus!


  4. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Camera roll works! I’m studiously sitting in the Baillieu prepping myself for a MASSIVE two weeks too.

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