I write like

I just discovered I Write Like and am completely fascinated! I think I’m jumping on this bandwagon late, so I look forward to your well-considered commentary.

So, at I Write Like you can sample a piece of your writing and find out which author shares your writing style. I’ve had a few different responses, but they tend to be consistent across genre, i.e. my blog posts are apparently written in the style of Cory Doctorow. A couple of recent essays were written in the style of H.P. Lovecraft and another one, that was more manifesto than academic essay, was written like David Foster Wallace. Turns out I write like a boy…and a science fiction writing boy at that.

I’m not as interested by the author names generated than I am to discover that I have distinct writing styles across genre that can be picked up by software. Fascinating!

Rowan just sent me a tweet from Margaret Atwood. She writes, not like Margaret Atwood, but rather more like Stephen King.


4 thoughts on “I write like

  1. st333z

    me too… i write like Cory Doctorow… interesting site, methinks i’ll put in some text from JARMS’ essay to see the difference from text on my blog!

    thanks for the link!

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