Library good fortune

I’m having a great run in my library at the moment. I lied in my last post when I said the State Library would be my new home. It’s a really great place to study and I’m sure I will be back there over the next few days, but a combination of factors has lead me to study for the past two days in the perfectly acceptable library at uni.

One of those factors is the warm good will I have for the collection after I randomly grabbed a book from the shelf yesterday because it had a nice spine (it stood out in a sea of dull old philosophy spines). Turns out, it’s exactly the book I need, and it had never come up on any of my searches. What good fortune!

I also have warm good will for the library because it holds a thesis written by a Melbourne University graduate that explores almost exactly what I am trying to write about in an essay at the moment. The thesis, which I looked at today, also confirmed my thoughts that no one else has written much about the topic, which makes me feel so much better for not being able to find anything on the subject.

Currently reading: Time by Eva Hoffman


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