The wonder of partial hibernation

I’ve been in partial hibernation since the weekend. After handing in an essay on Friday I’ve been kind of washed out. I didn’t think I was sick until I realised I was getting tired walking up the stairs (there are seven of them).

So I decided to give myself a break over the weekend, and just did a bit of socialising here and there (like going to the football).

The time this allowed for resting was amazing! So as Monday arrived I decided to declare it another day of rest. And then Tuesday too. I went to uni in the evening and nearly fell over with the exertion it took to walk there. So Wednesday came along, and it was declared yet another day of rest.

This is a total revelation for me because, like so many, I feel very guilty when I’m doing nothing. Family members would be surprised to hear this because they watch me do nothing a lot, but usually there’s a flood of guilt before, during and after any period of not-work, even if it constitutes socialising or family events.

So here’s what I’ve discovered will contribute to successful partial hibernation:

  • It’s partial: I still walk to the supermarket, and go to uni and still talk to friends on the phone. I’m still writing dinner plans in my diary and constructing lists of things I will do when I climb out of my cave (which is more of a cubby than a cave – not so cold and dark, more sunny and breezy).
  • Regular life is waiting for me: It’s helps to know that regular, busy life is waiting for me to return to it. It’s different to breaks between jobs because in between jobs all the nice things I do (reading books and blogs mostly) become the total sum of my life – which is quite dull and feels a bit pointless.
  • I needed to name it: I didn’t realise until this morning that I was in partial hibernation. Until that moment I still felt a bit lazy and restless. I’ve felt progressively more at ease as the days have passed, but next time I will be able to jump straight into it without having to convince myself that it’s time for a rest. I will just declare partial hibernation and switch off my alarm clock.

9 thoughts on “The wonder of partial hibernation

  1. DavidA

    I’ve had a couple of waves of illness so far this year. I’m thinking swine flu, since I never get regular flu. I feel physically and mentally done-for. Even putting socks on becomes tiresome, ugh.

  2. Sushi

    I can’t think of a better name, but hibernation makes it sound like you are resting and storing your energy until Spring (or the equivalent of) when you will unleash upon the hapless unsuspecting prey (or the equivalent of).

    I think what you are doing is recharging, but that’s normal and not nearly interesting enough for a “Where is Sarah” post.

  3. Meaghan Cook

    I’m glad you named it appropriately. you could have called it ‘I’m just going to hide from the world because it’s fat too cold outside’, but that would have been too wordy. x

  4. yvonne

    Like the week I declared “My Dark Week” and stopped attending classes! Naming it definitely helps. “Oh, I can’t wake up at 6:30am to walk to class today, it’s My Dark Week.”

  5. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Sushi, thank you for your advice, but this was definitely partial hibernation. Which, by the way, I left about three days ago – and I have absolutely unleashed a bucket load of energy on the world since then!

  6. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    @Yvonne, What happened during dark week? Say, by 10.30am? Did you sleep?

  7. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    @Meaghan, Yeah, that would have been cumbersome to say. And as you know from our seven phone calls a day, I wasn’t hiding from the world as much as I was just seeing the inside of my house for more than 15 mins per day for the first time in a while – and what a lovely house it is!

  8. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Oh dear David. Can you go into partial hibernation for a few days too?

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