Gems from Alain

Sorry for the slow news month(s) at Where is Sarah? Every ounce of my creative energy is being distributed elsewhere at the moment, but hopefully it won’t be for long, and I will get back to regaling you with stories of nonsense soon enough.

I’m coming across loads of interesting things, as one does when studying (either because you’re reading a lot or because you’re procrastinating like mad) – Like Alain de Botton’s twitter feed. I’m not all that active on twitter so I often forget to explore whether interesting people have feeds. Fortunately, the small number of people I follow provide me with enough material to lose myself for a week of reading if I allow it. Today, someone so helpfully retweeted Alain de Botton, and now, all of a sudden it’s the afternoon.

Some of my favourites from the months of April and May:

What should schools produce: obedient drones or creative originals? Tragedy is capitalism needs 70% of former, 30% of latter.

We veer between interpreting work as a punishment for undeserved sins and as the meaning life.

We work to receive the respect of people we don’t especially like.

The only people we can still believe are normal are those we don’t know very well.

The news so powerfully suggests ‘what matters’, it takes a while to realise ‘but this drama is not my life’ and switch off.

Journalistic assumption that one hasn’t done one’s job without treating any interviewee as an a priori thieving, lying wretch.

Follow Alain de Botton on Twitter or visit his website.


2 thoughts on “Gems from Alain

  1. DavidA

    Interesting coincidence: Alain’s creative use of Twitter is similar to someone I started following ysterday:

    As for the news, the drama of the Icelandic volcano has been rather important to many people’s lives recently. And there could be an even bigger one about to erupt: Katla, the Angry Sister.

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