So, my new friend Shankar has many interesting ideas and enough energy to follow through on every single one of them. And so it transpired that I found myself at the footy* on Saturday night.

This is my game face

Shankar thinking deep thoughts one can only think at the footy

Look at all that fuzzy action.

North Melbourne was playing Adelaide and both teams were a bit rubbish. North Melbourne was less rubbish than Adelaide and they won the game.

It was fun. I’ll go again.

That’s probably all I have to say about football.

*Australian Rules football.


4 thoughts on “Football

  1. Robyn

    What do you mean by “I’ll go again” exactly? Was once not enough for you? Really didn’t pick you for the footy type I must say!

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Once was probably enough but possibly not too much. Although, after walking through Yarra Park at the end of a Geelong v Collingwood game last night I think I might like to keep my distance from football-going folk for a while.

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