A horrible gypsy curse

It’s hard rubbish week in Brunswick.

For the uninitiated, hard rubbish week  is one of the great events on Melbourne’s calendar when the council comes and picks up any junk  that’s too bulky for regular rubbish collection. What makes it truly special is that the stuff sits out for a few days before it gets collected so students and foragers of all persuasions peruse the offerings and take whatever looks useful. A student’s cred can be seriously boosted if they can claim to have furnished their entire house with hard rubbish. Those truly committed to hard rubbish take note of when the ritzy suburbs are due for a collection and go pick up stuff that not-rich people would balk at throwing away. In fact, I saw a new facebook group yesterday called “I’m going to Brighton hard rubbish next week”.

As I walking home from the tram just now and found this hard rubbish offering:

…and the necessary warning:


3 thoughts on “A horrible gypsy curse

  1. yvonne

    what a brilliant concept!!! the chair i’m sitting in now was a roadside find. cushy, fits my bum, and swivels! bonus bonus: in a 1970s orange!

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