Tired and frustrated in my favourite class

As you may recall, I LOVE my class, Creative Thinking and the Power of Ideas. And I LOVE my lecturer, John Armstrong. But over the past two or three classes I’ve been watching the clock. Class seems to take forever. But I still love it. I listen and learn and think, but these two short hours once a week draaaaaag.

It makes no logical sense, and this class has taught me that I can gain a lot from turning a vague feeling into a question and answering it. So here goes.

Possible reasons for feeling tired and frustrated in my favourite class

1. The class runs 5.30 to 7.30 on Tuesday night. Maybe I’m just tired by 5.30.

2. Further to 1, maybe the reason why I’m more tired now than I was at the start of the semester was that I started uni off the back of summer and lots of sleep and a holiday.

3. Today we talked about the high anxiety inherent in thinking seriously about complex ideas, which is something that makes a lot of sense to me. Think about when you have an idea and try to pin it down in words and invariably read over the words and realise that you’ve just written the worst paragraph in human history. Not a pleasant feeling.

4. Maybe It’s just too much. Each week I’m being dealt another load of revelations and I’m supposed to DO something with all of these?! Seriously, it’s exhausting. I’m realising now as the weeks go on that these revelations come easily when the conditions are right, but they also slip away easily. It’s like I’m being shown inside a safe and there’s all sorts of good stuff in there, but then I’ve only been told the combination for the lock once and it’s like, 1,000,000 digits long.

I suspect it’s a bit of all four.

Next step, figure out what to do about it…


One thought on “Tired and frustrated in my favourite class

  1. DavidA

    There is nothing to be done. There is no hope, no logic. We’re all just stuffed penguins waiting for a killer whale to devour us, flippers and all.

    “I know it is no more than a game but it is a game that I have learned to play in my own way. Children may just as well play as not.” (James Joyce.)

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