I’m writing an essay on Mary Robinson and a quote I’ve included keeps reminding me of an episode of the West Wing (what doesn’t remind me of an episode of the West Wing). I wonder if I would be better off writing a straight West Wing appreciation blog…

So the quote is: “She presents an image of ourselves, as women and indeed as Irish, that is positive, modern, sophisticated, independent, and capable of making sense of differences without erasing them. Exploding myths and shibboleths, she allows us to break free of constraints and to set about re-creating ourselves” (Ailbhe Smyth 1992:72).

So you probably know which clip I’m going to show you:

Sorry for the less-than-amazing quality of the clip. I guess the West Wing obsessives who edit episodes and upload them to youtube just don’t take their work seriously enough…

OK, back to the essay!


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