Easter in Rushworth

Easter would have to be one of the most photographable holidays on offer. So much colour and shiny metal. But I left my camera in Melbourne so I’ll just have to be reaaaallly descriptive when I tell you about it.

Hot cross buns. Pasta. Chocolate eggs. Coffee. Seven types of breakfast food. Wine. Cupcakes. Cookies. Pub meals. Colomba. Chocolate eggs.

Do you get the idea? It’s Easter Monday today and of all the people who stayed in Rushworth over the weekend, I’m the last visitor standing. I’m making the most of the opportunity to do that Rushworth-specific activity of moving from one table to the next, taking a different cup of tea or coffee to another pile of reading material. I always think about what book I’m going to read while I’m here, but I don’t know why I bother because I never read more than one or two pages of a book – I’m usually occupied by the past months’ newspapers and magazines.

On Saturday morning we all went down the street for the Rushworth Easter Fair. I had the intention of winning all the raffles, but this year’s offering of crocheted rugs and toiletries didn’t excite me enough. A few years ago I won the Ladies Auxiliary raffle – a laundry basket full of groceries! It was my 24th birthday and, spookily, sitting on top of the groceries was a packet of 24 birthday candles. I guess I didn’t want to replace that memory with “remember the time I won some soap?”

The highlight of the Easter Fair was the parade. Horses! Cars! Fire engines spraying water on everyone! Emily, Abby and Chloe confirmed what we all suspect: you can put on the fanciest entertainment possible, but spraying water will always win the hearts of kids.

image of eggs stolen from http://www.cccambridge.org/news_article.php?news_id=67

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