Sunshine through the window

As you might be able to tell from the lack of posts, uni is going well. I am spending lots of time reading and enjoying it enough that I don’t feel desperately compelled to find ‘necessary’ distractions like posting here.

But I’m not going to close up shop yet because I still need to show off the mountain climb and other adventures; posting will just be a bit sporadic. Bear with me.

Today, I’ll share a picture of my new house, downstairs this time.

As of an hour ago, this room is now full of comfortable couches, but the day I took the photo all I had was the chair by the window and my uni reading and it was a delight. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my set up. I defy anyone to write a top ten list of their favourite things and exclude “sun shining through a window.”

That was during the few days last week that we had amazing weather. Even on the radio in the morning the announcer said, “Melbourne today, top of 32 degrees. Go on, get outside, you won’t see weather more perfect than this.”

It’s cooling down now, which is only a concern when I forget to switch over to wearing warmer clothes. I’ll have it figured out in a week or so.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine through the window

  1. yvonne

    The northern/southern hemisphere thing will never cease to amaze me. It’s been a relatively cold winter for Georgia, but now it’s heating up. While undoubtedly beautiful…I curse the heat because it usually brings along a friend I can’t tolerate as much…humidity. I usually walk to school…there’s a pretty steep hill on the way. That is when I curse spring/summer the most.

    Are you living alone??? Where are these huge (fabulous) windows facing?

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