Days in KL

Three or four weeks ago Jeremy and I headed off to Malaysia, planning on spending time in Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. But before we went jungle-ward we flew into KL for a couple of days of SE Asian mega-city fun.

I love KL so much. Even though I’ve technically spent more time in Bangkok, KL feels more familiar. I love the food, I love the guest houses, I love the giant bookstores in giant shopping malls, I love the really painful foot massages. So it was fun touring around with Jeremy and a couple of other friends we picked up at our hostel and showing off all my favourite bits. The great thing about this trip was that we had long empty days to wander around the streets. We arrived on Saturday morning and didn’t have to be anywhere until Tuesday morning.

Best chilies ever

As soon as we’d dropped our bags at the hostel, we bolted out for some food. How anyone could be hungry after being loaded up with food for 8 hours on a plane doesn’t make sense to me, but we were HUNGRY.

Lucky for us, the place we stopped at had the BEST CHILIES EVER. I’m not kidding. I went through bowls of chili in vinegar. So, so tasty. Like flowers, but hot and vinegary.

Just in case you’re wondering, the best chilies ever can be found across the rd from the main entrance of Lo Yat Plaza (the tech plaza in Bukit Bintang area). If you’re standing with your back to Starbucks and Sushi King you’re looking right at it. An open street stall with Tiger beer signs all over it and an ugly photo menu thing.

Note of caution: we went to the same place on the way back and they were using a different vinegar. Still very tasty but not the taste sensation I had the first day.


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