Architecture of Sarah’s happiness

Day two in KL involved me getting to be the boss of a group and walk around the city wherever I liked…and they followed!! Too easy. I had a vague idea of where we would wander to cover off on the ‘sites worth visiting’ list. I also had a personal mission to find a building I’d seen on the horizon but had never visited. We started by heading from Bukit Bintang area to Little India.

Masjid Jamek

KL’s colonial district.

As we walked along the river we got closer and closer to the building.

Behold Kompleks Dayabumi. The former headquarters of Petronas (Malaysia’s national oil and gas company).

We played here for a good while. Doing things like this:

We left Kompleks Dayabumi eventually, and crossed back over the river to Pasar Seni (Central Market).

Looking especially charming for Chinese New Year.

Hellooooo Chinatown. Would you like some razzle with that dazzle?

Next stop: Pavilion Shopping Centre from Heaven and Petronas Twin Towers…But I’ll save those for another day because I am pooped from all that walking in 36 degree heat. Has anyone got a 100 Plus?


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