Breakfast in my new room

Living in my house without anything functional like kitchen stuff or furniture is kind of like camping. And to my mind it’s the best kind of camping because there is a warm shower and proper shelter. This is especially gratitude-inducing since it’s been raining since yesterday.

On my trip to Kmart last night I bought a bowl, some cutlery and a saucepan. I also bought breakfast food at the supermarket. So this morning, even though I have no furniture, I was able to put on a breakfast tea party.

Strangely enough, in the very few boxes I’ve moved in I found two teapots – one with matching tea cups! I can’t make a standard mug of tea, but I can put on a tea party.

I was the only guest to this morning’s breakfast tea party. I thought I should troubleshoot before I start inviting others. Also, at this stage I’m limited to invited only people comfortable sitting on my bedroom floor because it’s the only inhabited space in the house.

On a side note, I bought Nature’s Cuppa Earl Grey tea at the supermarket yesterday. The brand name put me off a bit, but it was the best priced AND fairtrade so I couldn’t pass it up. It’s nice! And a third of the price of Lipton.

Is this the end of Where Is Sarah? the kind-of-travel-blog and the beginning of Where Is Sarah? the inappropriately titled consumer advice blog? Let’s hope not. I’ll ease up on supermarket recommendations in the future.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast in my new room

  1. Sushi

    Possible new titles:

    Where will Sarah be?
    What is Sarah thinking?
    Who is Sarah?
    How to be like Sarah?
    Why is Sarah, Sarah?
    When Sarah?

    (Ok, the last few were forced)

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