New home: night one

I’m sleeping at my new house tonight! It’s still completely empty except for my stuff in my room and the new fridge, washing machine and microwave that were delivered today. I guess the last time I spent the night alone in a house was in my Bangkok apartment. It’s quieeeeeeet here – it echoes and everything. Seems awfully exciting now, but in the long run it will be nice to have housemates filling up the empty spaces.

Now that I have a house I hope I will be posting more. SO many blog-worthy adventures from the last few weeks. Even since getting back from Malaysia I’ve been to a wedding, the beach and the MSO. So many meaningless observations to share! Even now, I just got back from the supermarket with two stories to share. I’ve already forgotten one of them though. Here’s the other one:

When you go through the check out of a department store or supermarket and think of something funny to say, do you just assume that you and the cashier will share a sense of humour? I think I do, and I’m always disappointed when they don’t even crack a smile. For some reason I anticipate that this person will be totally commedia simpatico and we’ll laugh our way through the transaction. I was just in Kmart and noticed a bag of jelly beans that must have fallen into my shopping bag while I was in the chemist. I showed the register dude and commented that it might see the beginning of a life of crime…

…Nothing. Not even a pity laugh. My delivery was practically cabaret performance-worthy. I mean, it wasn’t exactly a haha joke, but hey, crack a smile register dude. Without missing a beat, he proceeded to ask me about the weather…


8 thoughts on “New home: night one

  1. Benjamín

    I’m guessing u were at Barclay Sq. Kmart, which is mostly like that except for one guy that gives you a kind of 5 star valet parking service that just seems so out of place – but appreciated nonetheless. 🙂

  2. DavidA

    I must say that it has never occured to me to ever think of anything funny to say to the cashiers in stores. Sarah, you must be one of the few who do, so the cashiers must wonder “who is this strange person speaking to me? Has she been let out for the day?”

  3. yvonne

    there’s a grocery store here in the states called trader joes. i always have the weird or prolonged conversation with the cashiers there.

  4. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Benj, I think I got the valet service! All the cashiers were standing in front of their unattended registers and when I walked up to one he ushered me through. Weird…but nice.

    David, in Australia people are nice to each other! It’s quite lovely!

    From Yvonne’s comment I think we can assume this epidemic of niceness has spread to the States too. Joke’s on the colonizers – you’re left behind with all the unfriendly people.

  5. DavidA

    In darkest dankest dampest dastardliest Blighty, the misery flows like venom from a viper’s fangs.

  6. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Rob, I must confess…I ate them! So delicious those chemist jelly beans.

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