Sarah’s infinite wisdom

So I’m sitting in Singghasana Lodge in Kuching, waiting for a computer. I pick up a laminated brochure on the top 10 things to do in Kuching. “Sarah’s Top 10 things to do in Kuching”. So I read it thinking it will refresh my memory of Kuching. But then I realise that I’m Sarah and I wrote it.

Brendan and Jaya came here for a holiday a couple of years ago so I gave them a list of good stuff to do. They obviously decided to share my infinite wisdom with the world  (that stretches as far as “eat at this cafe, it tastes really good” and “go to Sarawak cultural village, it’s like Shepparton’s international village but better”).


5 thoughts on “Sarah’s infinite wisdom

  1. DavidA

    Sarah climbed atop the Mountain of Infinite Wisdom and verily she did become enlightened. Walking down the mountain to her village, she proclaimed: “You will all eat cake at Sarah’s all-weather all-seasons cake-shop, with cake for all all day and all night, always. Also, special all-butter croissants for all good kiddies.”

    A village elder told Sarah that verily there was no cake for her shop.

    Sarah replied: “Well, then let them eat hake.”

    (Now, being that hake is a kind of deep-sea cod that lives in the sea and being that Sarah’s village is far from the sea the villagers wondered how it would be that they would have their hake and eat it. Sarah pondered this awhile before saying: “You have no cake and you have no hake so something must be done. I must return to the mountain-top to ponder some more on this. I apologise for the terrible cake/hake puns, but my speech-writer is really not with it right now.”)

  2. Lara

    I can’t believe it! I’ll make sure Brendan reads this. I hope you’re well, I look forward to your return.

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