Life is busy

Life is kinda busy at the moment. I don’t want to be writing a ‘life is busy’ post, but seriously, life is busy! There’s no time to post.

I’m going to Malaysia on Friday night to climb Mount Kinabalu, but before then I need to finish a pile of work and prepare for/attend a job interview. It’s all achievable (now that I’ve squeezed a few other projects off the list) but only if I cut out all other extravagances (e.g. blogging).

Hopefully I’ll be able to post a bit while I’m away. And then when I get back in two weeks it will be time to find a home, start my new Masters program, get a job (hopefully taken care of by this week’s interview) and become a normal person! Aren’t you just dying to read those blog posts?


4 thoughts on “Life is busy

  1. tr

    Kinabalu .. good luck with this … it will be painful … very painful …. hope you dont mind coming back without your toenails …

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