Things I learned last week

Things I learned while reading the Economist the other day:

My favourite word is Yemeni.

The vice-president of Nigeria is Goodluck Jonathan.

Thing I didn’t learn reading the Economist:

Eating the out-of-date fetta from the fridge was a bad idea.

Eating loads of party food at Chloe’s 4th birthday today did not fix the sore belly caused by the fetta.

No Adults on the Jumping Castle is only really a suggestion.

Getting kids to jump on a jumping castle and dance in ‘dance competitions’ still doesn’t burn enough of the energy from party food that they will go to bed without a fight.

You have to book everything in advance in Melbourne these days. When Moonlight Cinema was sold out the other day I though I would just choose an alternative open air cinema. But everything was sold out! No way around it, that effing sucks.


9 thoughts on “Things I learned last week

  1. DavidA

    I never knew it could be called a jumping castle. I always thought that bouncy castle was the only possible name.

  2. Lara

    As you know I’m doing night shift and sleeping during the day and I’m having very vivid dreams. Yesterday I had a dream that you were living with Alan who was married to your younger sister (yep that’s right) and you were all also living with Jess and her kids in a house in North Melbourne (a rather full house maybe?!). Alan wasn’t at the house when you were showing me around as he had apparently taken the train to Adelaide for work that morning, when I sounded surprised you said “you know the new fast train to Adelaide” and I said I hadn’t heard of it and you said “you must of, you know the ‘foghorn leghorn’ it only takes an hour”. You didn’t even smile as you said it, it didn’t seem to be a funny name for a train in my dream. Only on waking did it make me giggle! Lets catch up soon.

  3. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Cool dream Lara! I love how your dream brain makes connections you’d never be able to make in waking life. The Foghorn Leghorn actually sounds like a train service!

    As much as I would love to live in North Melbourne, I think that house would be a wee bit crowded.

  4. Rowan

    Oh man, I feel bad about that feta.

    We thought it was ok, you know. We just weren’t sure.

    I am SO SORRY.

    We miss you. Arlo pines.


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