The time I laughed so hard in Piazza Navona I almost cried

MJ and I had just enjoyed a delicious lunch on the sunny side of Piazza Navona when we passed this guy:

Imagine one of those painted-in-silver-pretending-to-be-a-statue street performers. Piazza Navona is so overrun with them that you can see that in between their composed statue poses they are giving each other dirty looks. There are some with such uniform costumes that you suspect they are franchisees or go to the same street performer costume shop. So maybe it was because this guy was something different, and maybe it was the loveliness of the sunny day and delicious lunch, but when I saw this guy I laughed and laughed. I took a photo, walked away, and went back to look again and laugh some more. Full belly laughs.

This photo does nothing to convey the humour of his pose, and just in case it doesn’t convey anything, perhaps I should explain – he was frozen on the spot with wire in his jacket to give the appearance of movement. Wow, when I verbalise it like that it is even less funny.

We walked a bit further and stumbled into the small crowd surrounding this guy:

The other guy had warmed up my laughing muscles so this guy had me in stitches within 30 seconds. The best thing he did was hide in the crowd, wait for a car to pass and blow a whistle. The car would stop, assuming it was the police, and we’d all laugh heartily at the silly old car driver.

Before long, a mighty crowd surrounded this guy – he was the toast of the piazza. Should have seen the dirty looks coming from the second rate painted-in-silver statues.


2 thoughts on “The time I laughed so hard in Piazza Navona I almost cried

  1. Sushi

    I swear I met this guy (frozen businessman dude) in Venice 5 years ago. He seems to have put on weight (so I guess business is good), but the same fake grin. I think I have a picture but of course… it’s in California.

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