Sarah L. Fortuna of Fall River hit by car

Stop the press!

Sarah L. Fortuna was hit by a car. I think I might have willed it to happen because I’ve always said that I wouldn’t be surprised if I get run over by a bus (my road-crossing skills aren’t the best).

What if my thoughts about me (Sarah L. Fortuna) getting hit by a car led to the other Sarah L. Fortuna getting hit by a car. eek.

Two pedestrians involved in separate traffic accidents in Fall River


Two pedestrians were involved in two separate motor vehicle accidents on South and North Main streets recently.

Neither were seriously injured, police said.

A 2003 Chevrolet driven by Dennis Ayotte, 63, of 456 Woodman St., struck  Alice Rego, 38, of 992 Rego St., about 9 a.m. Monday near 690 South Main St., police said.

They said Ayotte, heading north, stopped the car about 200 feet away from the scene, checked with Rego, apologized and left the scene.

Police cited the driver for leaving the scene of an accident after knowingly causing bodily injury.
Rego was transported to St. Anne’s Hospital for treatment.

Ayotte told police he didn’t realize he had to provide personal identification.

Sarah L. Fortuna, 22 of 21 North St., was transported to Charlton Memorial Hospital last week after a 2006 Toyota driven by Brenda DeMello, 64, of 84 Cory St., struck her, police said.

They said Fortuna and a second pedestrian crossed President Avenue to get to the Burger King about 7:30 p.m. A witness told police neither pedestrian looked at the traffic. Police said they did not cite the driver. Fortuna complained of back pain.


5 thoughts on “Sarah L. Fortuna of Fall River hit by car

  1. Meaghan

    Whoa, small world.

    But I don’t think the similarities extend past the name. I can’t imagine you crossing a road in order to get to Burger King.

    The other Sarah L Fortuna, if you’re reading this, I’m very glad you’re okay and there’s nothing wrong with Burger King.

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    But that’s just it…I secretly love Burger King. I eat it at airports when no one is looking…

  3. Lara

    The difference is, if it was you Fortch, you’d be going to Hungry Jacks.

    Also, I think it is very weird that they give peoples names AND addresses in these news articles – is that not a serious breach of privacy?

  4. Ben

    Note the age of the drivers.. (sorry mum).

    “Police said they did not cite the driver. Fortuna complained of back pain.” – sounds like a law suit in the making. 😉

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