The View From Gianicolo

Oh my goodness, I have so much to post. Today, as Jess and I were doing something fun she said, “This is another thing to post about! How will you keep up?”

There is no better place to begin than the beginning, so without further delay, I present the first installment of stories from my European sojourn.

First stop: Rome. We were staying right near Gianicolo and when I ‘discovered’ it on my first day I couldn’t believe my luck (I didn’t know it was there so stumbling up a hill to a view like this felt like quite a discovery)

I realise now that these pictures don’t offer the best view, but I like the trees in them.

You can’t really see that clearly on these small photos, but the mountains in the background had SNOW on them! The weather was glorious and yet we could see snow. At that point in the trip, the snow feature on my blog seemed wildly meteorologically inaccurate. Little did I know what was to come.

I don’t know how the sky was suddenly so blue, but it was.

MJ in the lovely autumn leaves.

Oh autumn I love you.

A puppet show. Yes, a sunny weekend afternoon puppet show.

I could have stayed on that hill forever. Look at the roads leading up. They even make me want to drive a car so I can drive up and experience the hill in all its manifestations.

Look what I found on the way up:

Remind you of anything?

If you answered:

A. Kat’s Blog

you’re correct.


Next installment – The Non-Catholic Cemetary in Rome

3 thoughts on “The View From Gianicolo

  1. Lara

    I can think of so much that you can write about, and that’s just the bits of your life that I’m involved in. What about your projection of daily news headlines for one thing! I’m glad you’re writing again because I’m in need of something to do on night shift. It’s 10 to 2 and sleeping just isn’t an option.

  2. Kat

    Hurrah, I love the Gianicolo, that view is always something I tell people to go and look at in Rome. One of my favourite libraries is up there at the super swanky American Academy, after study I go and get carciofi fritti and eat them while looking at the vista.

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