This Australian Life

I just sat down to update WiS? with photos/stories from travel and Christmas – but I’ve just heard something curious on the radio.

I’ve written numerous times about my love of This American Life. Over summer ABC Radio National (which I also mostly love) plays old programs and shows from overseas. This morning they are playing an episode of This American Life which seems like a happy Christmas miracle. But something weird happened.

The Australian announcer had about 50 words to intro This American Life, and guess what words he chose… (I’ll paraphrase)

“This American Life is a program from America in which ordinary people tell their stories loosely based around a common theme each week”

Ordinary. Hearing him say that I realised that ordinary is an obsession with Australians, it’s the go-to word to make something seem authentic and wholesome and worthy. I’ve never heard Ira Glass use ordinary but if I paid attention I’d probably hear ordinary at least five times a day on Radio National.

2 thoughts on “This Australian Life

  1. Meaghan

    I reckon Ira Glass has said it. Must have. Surely.
    And you’re right that ordinary now stands for ‘authentic’ and other such words.
    Especially when it comes to someone who is now famous. By calling them ordinary (and usually showing a show of an ‘ordinary’ childhood home) we are supposed to believe them to be less pretentious than other celebs, one of us.
    ps – ira glass is stupendous.

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