It’s raining in Roma

It’s raining! But of course Rome deals with it gracefully, with just a few slippery cobblestones to contend with.

I, on the other hand, was not so well equipped, but I knew I wasn’t, so in some weird way, I guess I was.

My shoes, Italian brand Geox, have these nifty little holes in the soles – Geox: the shoe that breathes. Unfortunately, the shoe that can breathe is also the shoe that can drown. They’ve never handled wet weather well. I knew this would be a problem because it’s December in Europe, but these shoes are about four years old. Once they got so muddy that I threw them in bin, but then retrieved them because I thought I could revive them. Anyway, I figured the best way to let them go was to force myself into replacing them, which I kind of did today if you call blue gumboots a replacement for sensible black sneakers.

So now I’m back at the apartment for a sock/footwear switcheroo and waiting for my jeans to dry a bit. It’s almost midday which means it’s almost time for pizza.

I’m going on a hunt for starlings today. I noticed signs of their presence on the footpaths this morning. Squelching through bird poo is kinda gross, so I’m hoping a sighting of thousands of birds in formation will justify it. Thanks Yvonne for the link to the article, which is well worth reading.

17 thoughts on “It’s raining in Roma

  1. Josh

    ‘I, on the other hand, was not so well equipped, but I knew I wasn’t, so in some weird way, I guess I was.’ … liked that… also, I just happened to throw out a pair of shoes and buy a new pair today too!

    And ‘Unfortunately, the shoe that can breathe is also the shoe that can drown.’, very good!

    Oh and triple love – I like your joke (in the previous entry) or is it mine? I wonder if there is a universal feeling that we made up this joke? I laughed and then I thought about it and had the thought I had made it up and my Dad laughed when I was a kid! I don’t dispute the authenticity of your report that you made it up, but I did also have a similar idea spring to mind.. whether it’s false I don’t know..I actually made up the word ‘I’, but not many people know that!! It was I! See! It proves it! How could I not have if it’s my name! Huh? Just try and wiggle your way out of that one, doubters!!! Try Googling that to hell … she aint goin’! She sits atop the throne of God! The Un GOOGLABLE Truth!

  2. DavidA

    She sits atop the throne of God,
    Wondering what to do;
    “Shall it again be more iPod,
    Or maybe something new?”

  3. DavidA

    As ever, Remembrance of Things Past has the goods:

    “if there ever was a woman who could count on going straight before the Throne of God, it was she”.

  4. DavidA

    Someone has hacked Where is Sarah and inserted rogue code:


  5. DavidA

    It wasn’t me I promise. Sarah should be very concerned about this. What next, rabbits frollicking on quaint hillsides, teaparties with cake and pizza?

  6. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    It’s snowing! I was inspired by the snow-capped mountains I can see on the horizon. Conveniently they are not sending too much icy wind into Rome.

  7. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Yeah David, as a non-blogger, how do you know so much about WP blogs…

    AND why would you live in chilly UK when Italy is so close by?

  8. DavidA

    I went to Italy once for a few hours in August 2003, my aunt drove me from Switzerland through the St Bernard Pass to Aosta. She’s lived in Switzerland for over 30 years after moving there from London.

    More Remembrance:

    “Ristori came here once, the Duchess of Aosta brought her, to recite a canto of the Inferno, by Dante. In that sort of thing she’s incomparable.”

    Cold, miserable, damp, dark and lonely Britonia, why do I tolerate thee?

  9. Josh

    That line about the Throne of God in Remembrance of things past was a bit of a shock wasn’t it? Had no inkling of it.

    And David I liked the poem

  10. Josh

    As to the snowfall – when I first saw it late the other night I thought, uh-oh I really have gone to the extent here, there are flickers of light in my vision! Then I discerned the pattern falling.

  11. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    David, you’re even outdoing your own stellar commenting record.

    I agree, the poem was lovely – and decidedly accurate on the ipod line.

  12. DavidA

    I’m just wondering who will be the lucky one to do the 1000th comment in WiS. This will be the 966th. Exciting stuff.

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