Sleepy time in Rome

I’m in Rome and wondering how any other city could ever match this place. I was here briefly almost 10 years ago and I’m starting to think the constant drizzle might have covered up the truly breathtaking beauty of Rome – otherwise, what on earth took me so long to return? Also, 10 years ago I wasn’t staying in an apartment in Trastevere. I haven’t been here long, but I’m pretty sure this the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited.

Before I say another thing, I’m feeling a bit self-conscious about posting on my blog when I should be getting a life and seeing Rome. In my defense, I’ve hit a jetlag wall. It’s almost 4pm here but my body is convinced it’s 2am. So I tell my body, “hey, you woke up at 3pm so stop complaining” and my body says, “zzzzz”. I slept like a hibernating bear last night, but it hasn’t cured me of sleepiness just yet.

Lucky for me, MJ is at a conference today (hopefully she’s feeling more sprightly that I am) and my aim for the day was to read up and plan the rest of our trip so we don’t faff away the next few weeks in a haze of directionlessness. So I’ve wandered in and out of the apartment, covering a lot of Trastevere ground and then winding my way back home for rest/reading stops. As far as jetlaggy days go, this is probably one of the better, guilt-free ones. Also, I ate pizza, which means I’m currently meeting my goal of eating pizza every day I’m in Italy. You can never feel too lazy in a day if you’re meeting goals.

Ahhh, further proof of my sleepiness – I’m using MJ’s computer as speakers for my ipod, but instead of selecting my music collection in itunes I just played MJ’s collection. I didn’t notice that it wasn’t my music until I heard a song and thought “wait, what’s this song? I’ve heard it before but can’t quite place it…I know, I’ve heard it at church!” I’d stumbled into MJ’s church hymns. It’s kinda folksy and nice actually. It sounded different when it was sung at our church when I was little, but I do remember it being one of the ones I liked. Download it here and have a listen.

That reminds me of a joke I made up when I was little. I might not have made it up actually. I remember reading one good church joke and then being inspired to create my own. This was either the inspirational joke or the inspired joke. I hope I made it up, because it’s amazingly funny. I remember telling my mum and seeing one of those rare parental looks that means something like, “wow, I think I might have actually produced a genius”

Q: How do you know God is a man and not a woman?

A: Because we sing hymns not hers.

…OK I googled it, and that joke is ALL OVER the internet. I might still have made it up, but I certainly wasn’t the only one that thought of the most obvious joke ever. Another one goes, Q. How do you know god is a man? A. Because we say Amen not Awomen. ugh, stupid patriarchal church jokes. bleh.


6 thoughts on “Sleepy time in Rome

  1. Lara

    Great to hear from you. I missed the window to say goodbye before you left. Dare to go to the colosseum at night – Bridget and I did and it was truly beautiful.

  2. DavidA

    I wanted to talk about travellers who are sleeping and angels who are weeping and cats who are creeping but it’s just not there today, sorry.

  3. DavidA

    I wanted to talk at length about travellers who are sleeping and angels who are weeping and cats who are creeping but it’s just not there today, sorry.

  4. DavidA

    I didn’t meant to double post though, ugh. The first one can go, go to the place where the bad double posts go.

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