Last post coming live from Coburgistan

It’s 11.20pm on the 30th of November and I’m posting my 30th post for the month! Suck it NaBloPoMo – you thought you’d win, but I triumphed over your pointless evil.

Unfortunately posting on this blog is only one thing on a fairly extensive list of things I need to do before flying tomorrow but I think we’ve all fully grasped the abject failure of my organisational skills over the past week or so, so no need to go on and on and on. Oh no, too late.

Reporting back on the holiday reading plans, I’ve decided to take one book which I may or may not complete. I’ve settled on the delightful red edition of Pride and Prejudice I picked up in Bangkok but haven’t yet opened. (if you followed the link to the red edition of P&P you’ll see Days of Reading by Proust that drove me round the bend for a week of bus rides in Bangkok)


I just read back a couple of posts and picked out about five typos without much effort, so sorry about those. My favourite was the time when I called my camera a phone. The fact that many people’s phones are cameras probably made it less stupid to the reader, but that doesn’t get away from the fact that I thought ‘camera’ and wrote ‘phone’.

Farewell from Coburgistan. My next post will come from a place with about as many Italians as Coburg, but many more tourists.

4 thoughts on “Last post coming live from Coburgistan

  1. DavidA

    It’s more like “Years of Reading” when Proust is concerned. Oh, it really gets going after page 1400 don’t you know….

  2. DavidA

    I barely have the attention span to read a Twitter message these days alas. Oh to be 18 again. I woz prittee smart bak den yez I woz.

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