What’s your favourite podcast?

It’s been an iTunes-y kind of day today. This morning I had a surprise delivery of a $50 dollar iTunes voucher just for switching over something about my superannuation. Too easy suckers! And now I’m trawling iTunes for podcasts to load up the pod before I go away.

I’m a bit of a podcast obsessive, but today I’ve been struggling to find new podcasts that I can imagine actually listening to. So after the great success that was asking for help to decide on holiday reading, I am asking again for any suggestions of good podcasts.

Here’s what I’m after:

1. Good podcasts

This request is obviously contingent on your interests, but I’d appreciate any suggestions of podcasts you consistently listen to and enjoy.

My favourites include:

There are other great podcasts around, but if something is too date-specific it’s often out of date by the time I listen to it (it would be a problem for the Economist too if it weren’t for those accents)

Wow, I just realised that if my favourite podcasts are an indicator of my interests and I heed the advice that I follow my interests to find a career then whoah, I AM IN THE WRONG CAREER. Eek. In defence of myself and poor career choices I mostly listen to podcasts late at night, when I want to be hearing soft voices instead of barking debate.

That little insight into the inner world of Sarah is yours for free.

Here’s the other thing I want.

1. A place that finds and recommends good podcasts

These things exist by the dozen, but pretty much all of them tell me that I want to listen to CNN and geeks talking about gadgets. Wrong. Any suggestions of a site or someone who recommends a good podcast from time to time?


12 thoughts on “What’s your favourite podcast?

  1. Sushi

    TED. Does your iPod do video? It’s better with it but you can get it without it. My iPhone is full of them now and I’m going through them one by one on the train commute.

  2. Rowan

    1. I know you won’t be inclined to follow this advice, but the Russell Brand show represents the funniest, most enjoyable time I have ever spent with headphones on (!). You can get it as a torrent but not on iTunes anymore. You would be doing yourself such a favour. One day I’ll burn you a CD.

    2. Almost everything Slate. Especially the Slate Political Gabfest, which is not at all barky-shouty. Slate’s cultural gabfest is also often good (occasionally goes too far up its collective bottom).

    3. I also listen to Savage Love fairly often, which has opened my eyes to a lot of practices to which I was previously oblivious (!!). Mostly it’s just because of my membership of the Dan Savage personality cult. Love love love.

    My iPod recently died a sad death so I can’t give you a more representative list. I did notice a series of Stephen Fry bits that are free on Audible, but maybe you hate Audible?

    Can I just put in a tired, overdone plug for audiobooks? Kate Morton’s two books are great for travelling. Listened to Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd recently, very good. You can also get a couple of Barbara Kingsolver on audio, which are, of course, wonderful.

  3. Josh

    I don’t even have a mobile phone yet, I don’t know about podcasts!! What about getting some audio books on it? And yes Stephen Fry does those doesn’t he?

  4. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Josh, are you suggesting that because you don’t know about podcasts I should play it safe with audiobooks?! How about you try podcasts – I’m sure you’ll find something you like (e.g. the Studs Terkel story you listened to last week)

    Meaghan – RRR downloaded. Thanks, a good angle I was overlooking.

    Ro, You’re right, I’ll skip Russel. I had Slate but I never listened to them. I’ll give it another try.

  5. Josh

    Alright, alright, I know… sort of, semi… about them.. I have heard that one plus about one or two others.. and I quite enjoyed it… delayed radio. Modern genius!

  6. Josh

    Okay, I’ve found some – a set of podcasts I will commend. (And please excuse my prior and absurd rejection of the form .. it is not always “delayed radio” of course… and delayed radio can certainly be wonderful as we heard in the tribute to Studs Terkel.. very wonderful in fact.)

    These are recordings of Satsang sessions with Mooji… “satsang” means association with truth, or association with the wise… as the word is meant here it is a gathering with a central speaker, Mooji – a Jamaican born Londoner, and an audience that wishes to have the association with the truth he provides, I guess you could say, or which is available with him. Ultimately – and he would say this too – the Satsang can be everywhere at all times, all places and times even subsumed in Satsang, in Truth, in this sacred association. Yet these are meetings held and attended because Mooji is loved and there are seekers who are curious to be in that presence, awareness that he has.

    Okay, enough of the description of Satsang. These particular recordings are of Satsang sessions in South India, Tiruvannamalai, site of the Holy Hill, Arunachala where the revered sage Ramana Maharshi lived and was made famous.

    I have listened only to the first as I type but perhaps if you would like to download it it may be something good for your travels to have.


  7. Josh

    “the association with the truth he provides” – I am a bit uneasy about that phrase as truth is hardly “provided” by anybody, but certainly he is in his natural or true state, and thus to be near him or hear him, say, is inevitably Satsang.. I mean he isn’t distracted from the truth, and brings about non-distraction from the truth if listened and attended to.

  8. Josh

    Great! I imagined – that is did a bit of mental checking – what it might be like to hear this, say aboard a train, or in some part of your travelling adventure, and well it felt right! A clear, intimate, space.. uncluttered.. unburdening..I find his voice very soothing.. I really feel like I’ve got to know him.

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