Down at the Brighton Croquet Club

Elisa is getting married next weekend. She’s getting off  the shelf. She’s becoming Ross’s fork and knife.

So we celebrated with croquet and Pims….

David takes the glory...even though he lost the game

Clearly breaking with World Croquet Association dress code - croquet whites only please

It's a game for ladies

The happy couple. Anna and Ingrid getting into the conjugal vibe. Anna has a ring, Ingrid has a 'bride to be' sash. The young people these days break all the rules.

Come to Brighton - where the beach meets rigid social conservatism

The dashing gentlemen

These balls are for Sunday only

Feeling a little playful...Oh the naughtiness



3 thoughts on “Down at the Brighton Croquet Club

  1. Josh

    Croquet is really the thinly veiled violence of society writ large for all to see with mallets and all – the thin veil is the white modicum of decency and innocence. Brighton is where the winners at croquet live.

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