The less than perfect application process

Remember the perfect job? Well, I may never get to it because the application process might send me to bongkersville first.

If your image of me applying for this job includes pages of papers fluttering around as I try to cram for test, or running around gathering references from everyone I’ve ever worked for, you’d be way off.

1000 characters. I have 1000 characters to convey everything I did in my other post but I have to actually fit substance in it. One thing I’ve learned from this process is that 1000 characters allows for very little substance….And certainly no fluff.

No fluff. Readers, dear readers. As readers you know that fluff is what I do.

FYI. this post is exactly 723 characters (included spaces) long.

7 thoughts on “The less than perfect application process

  1. DavidA

    Short Applications, Part I:

    When I was a child
    I liked corn on the cob.
    This is my story
    Now give me the job.

  2. DavidA


    Wen I woz a chyld
    I woz werry werry wyld,
    Then verily I grew up into what I am today:
    A cool calm exponent of the frabjous callooh callay.

    So gimme job! Gimme job now!

  3. Lara

    Sheesh, that’s not very long is it. Maybe your resume will do all the boring bit for you. I’d give you the job in a second.

  4. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Thanks Lara! It’s a win-win situation really because if I don’t get this job I have a fall-back position of ‘person with a social life who gets to hang out with mates in Melbourne like Lara’. Not a bad plan B.

    David, I don’t know what frabjous callooh callay means – what if they ask me about it in the interview?

    Josh, you get the award for making me sputter coffee on the keyboard.

  5. DavidA

    You have to embarrass them about their ignorance of frabjous callooh callaying. Like, omg, you don’t KNOW what that means? You people should hire me, I can teach you a thing or two.

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