Really, REALLY yum

It’s Saturday morning and I have a bunch of stuff to do but I am diligently posting now because I will have better things to do with my life for the rest of the day.

Last night, Lara, Al and I went to the newest Mo Vida restaurant, Mo Vida Aqui. I don’t remember enjoying eating food as much as I enjoyed it last night! Just so much deliciosity.  I have a constant love affair with food but last night was like date night and we rekindled the flame. It helped the process along that Paul works there so we got extra special treatment and it further helped the process along that the staff seemed particularly fun and lovely. I’m not a food writer, but I’m sure you’ll hear the poetry in the next sentence. There was this anchovy thing with sorbet and it tasted really, REALLY yum.

Before dinner, Lara and I faced our fears of shopping and made a trip to Highpoint. I needed an outfit for croquet and an outfit for a wedding on a farm. I got a skirt and a white shirt. I think that means I can class the trip as ‘moderately successful’.

But as croquet is to be played this afternoon I must be off to the shops to find the rest of the outfit. Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Really, REALLY yum

  1. DavidA

    What do croquet outfits look like? I played croquet once at my second cousin’s wedding when I was about 8. I have the photographs to prove it, somewhere.

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author


    Oh David, if I could have answered that question I wouldn’t have been in a little bubble of shopping confusion for the past few days. The world croquet federations seems to be in a battle about whether traditional croquet whites can be done away with. In respect for tradition I opted for pale colours.

  3. Ben

    Yer a friend visiting from Sydney last week was raving about Movida + Next Door. I think he knew way more than me about Melbourne dining..

  4. DavidA

    ‘whether traditional croquet whites can be done away with’

    I think this can be linked with cricket’s adoption of coloured clothing for one-day international matches, while keeping whites for Test matches. Croquet, cricket, it’s all the same really, you just smack a ball about on a green like great old Grandpapa Giltrap did all those years ago before telephones arrived and spoilt quiet relaxing Sunday afternoons with their intolerable ringtones.

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