Darwin adventures continue: Litchfield National Park

Darwin day 2!

We packed up the car and drove to Litchfield National Park.

First stop: Petrol Station

moth on the bowser

Next stop: Litchfield, the town near the entrance to the park…


where we got excited about things like blossoms.


Clare with the blossom.

clare with blossom

Clare earmarked a stop along the way into the national park, a lone banyan tree.

banyan tree

Further down the road we saw the amazing magnetic termite mounds. They’re called magnetic termite mounds because they run north to south. How do the termites know?

termite hills

The sightseers.

site seers

Next stop, the falls.

aerial shot

and the first of many swims to be had before the week ended.


clare amanda looking

amanda swimming

5 thoughts on “Darwin adventures continue: Litchfield National Park

  1. Yvonne

    I never see the daylight anymore on a regular basis. Today I stepped outside for lunch and got a small percentage of my daily vitamin D intake. MMmmmm. I love me micronutrients. When’s the big trip to the continent?

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Yvonne, get some sun young lady! If you do need to stay indoors, perhaps you could find a window?

    Josh it was great! Try to make it up there sometime!

    David, we did our darndest to stay away from crocs – and fortunately the fresh water in the national park kept us croc-free.

  3. DavidA

    People paint crocs as nasty coldblooded reptiles, but really they are full of hot panting lust for lasses in swimming costumes. They just get a bit over-enthusiastic in their courtship.

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