Old albums on high rotation

I mentioned a couple of months ago how much I was enjoying revisiting Aimee Mann’s music on the Magnolia soundtrack.

Since then, that album and two other albums have dominated my listening because they are soooooo good! (possibly also because they’re at a pitch that doesn’t bother my funny left ear but I’m not musically literate enough to explain these things)

Interestingly, all three albums were on high rotation when I first got them but had been put aside for new music a while ago. Why is there something extra good about rediscovering an album you love. Best thing ever.

Martha Wainwright – self titled

Martha Wainwright


Regina Spektor – Begin to Hope




4 thoughts on “Old albums on high rotation

  1. Josh

    you really should get or borrow from me Oracular Spectacular!! This is a great great album which only needs leaving for about two weeks before it becomes new again in the way you’re describing!

  2. Josh

    But I know what you mean, I rediscovered last year Little Earthquakes – and I know you’re not a Tori fan but boy it’s good, the whole thing came flooding back… like a forgotten or somehow left aside and underestimated old friend!

  3. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    So true Josh! I definitely need to borrow it from you. Perhaps I’ll just do the legal thing and buy my own copy.

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