An Education

Dropped the NaBloPoMo ball yesterday. I thought I’d make some time in the evening to post but instead went to see a film which was so nice I just forgot about blogs for a while.

The movie was great by the way. I’m trying to share my favourite song from the soundtrack but running into difficulty on someone else’s computer early on Saturday morning.

Try this: I’m Comin’ Home, Baby – Mel Torme


5 thoughts on “An Education

  1. Josh

    well it’s in my head now, actually – is it just me – or is there something in it comparing to the Prodigy? Where the notes move into slightly dissonant mode… the song that goes “psycho-somatic-attic-insane”…

  2. Josh

    oh, I see now he sings “addict, insane”… and the song is Breathe… and the lyrics to the bit I say RESEMBLES Comin’ Home Baby is when Keith sings “Come … play… my… game”.

  3. Josh

    yep, on second hearing with it in mind I reckon it’s a suable, hangable offence, it’s an absolute dead-ringer! You read it first here : Prodigy RIPPED OFF Comin’ Home Baby!!

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