Late nights of a newspaper(wo)man

It’s sleepytown here as I wait for MJ to finish the Waranga News for another fortnight. Key members of the usual posse are away so I’ve been roped in to stay the course. I did the layout on a tricky page and it came out looking A.MAZE.ING. I think I’m gifted. I also wrote a schmaltzy letter to the editor to fill up some space. It’s been all hands on deck. But now it’s after 2am and we’re both bored and sleepy. 

Oh boy! I’ve just been called back into action. My task: check the page numbers. It’s a cut throat bizniz, journalism. Toughen up or toddle off to bed…Only the strong survive. 



5 thoughts on “Late nights of a newspaper(wo)man

  1. David

    I’m surprised that I’ve never been asked for an interview by the Waranga News or any other major news publication. I’ve slaved away for months building up a solid body of comments on Where is Sarah?, yet the media just aren’t interested in my genius. Their loss, not mine!

    Is it tempting to deliberately get the page numbers wrong sometimes?

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    David, can you write your own set of questions and answer them?

    p.s. your deadline is 5pm (your time) Friday 6 November.
    p.p.s. We didn’t need to be deliberate about getting pages wrong. Page 35 very nearly made a sneaky second appearance on page 13. Still not sure how we noticed it at 2am.

  3. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    p.p.p.s. Thanks for slaving away in the comments section for all this time.

    (Because of the number of times I’ve been asked the question) the unofficial title of the blog is “Who is David?”

  4. David

    Here it is then: The Big Interview: With David, by David, About David

    Q. Of all your great achievements, which one is your favourite?

    A: It would have to be the time that I dreamed that noted globe-trotting blogger Zara Fortunatum said hello to me one day on a ferry in the Luzon Sea with the sun on high making the ocean glow in a manner that evoked emotions that made one think of ancient fables concerning great sea voyages filled with tragedy and heroism.

    Q. Where were you born?

    A: Though my soul is everlasting and infinite, for my purposes in this reincarnation I say that I was born in a fairly ordinary town in West Sussex in the southern reaches of the perfidious island that was called–by Imperial Rome–Britannia.

    Q. Why are Aussies generally so much better at cricket than Poms?

    A: I think I’ll pass on that.

    Q. That’s it really.

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